What is WOFA?

Wofa is a drum and dance company founded in 2009 by Alpha Kabisko Kaba at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School in South Hadley, MA.

Over the years, the company has been a family to roughly one hundred budding artists and continues to be a source of inspiration for the next generations of PVPA artists to learn about the rich artistic culture of Western Africa .

Wofa is a word from the Sousou language of Guinea which means “lets get together,” and that is what Wofa hopes their performances will allow its greater community to do.

About the trip!

Paideia is a program at PVPA that provides students with a three‐week intersession from conventional studies in order to pursue unique and interdisciplinary educational opportunities. Each Paideia is created by PVPA faculty and reflects the interests of students.  In this three‐week Paideia, students will explore the rich, artistic culture and history of Guinea and how that has informed the country’s development. Throughout their stay, students will explore the complex political, social and economic issues facing Guinea today.

Students will be immersed in daily drum, dance and language lessons as well as educational trips throughout the capital city of Conakry and visits to several village locations around the city. The educational outcomes of this trip will be invaluable as Wofa students will be able to drum, dance, learn and live in the cultural origins of their art.

Radio interview with 93.9’s Monte Belmonte! http://wrsi.com/monte/help-send-wofa-to-guinea/

Bisko’s radio interview on the Bill Newman Show! http://whmp.com/podcasts/wofa-african-drum-and-dance-benefit/#

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